Who we are


Our breeding and 'situated in a healthy and peaceful environment, surrounded by the green of the countryside and its purpose is to select the Dogue de Bordeaux at both morphological and health and character.
E 'from 1991 that my wife and I are dedicated to this breed, and in recent years we have achieved excellent results; In fact, we boast several Italian champions, international players and excellent placings in World Cup races and rallies race in Italy and abroad.
The bloodlines in our breeding originate mostly from Holland because 'in this country breeding dogs are subjected to slabs of hip dysplasia, elbow and eco-cardio and are not put into play if you do not deemed suitable and this gives us' a guarantee for those who buy; on the other hand those who live in our kennel are paneled for hip dysplasia at the age 'of 18 months and also subject them to eco-cardio to make up for the problem of heart disease in which the majority of mastiffs are subjects.
Breeding and 'a passion for us, our litters are born in a family environment, puppies grow up with her mother and with our love for them; Our dogs do not live in cages, but they have a continuous contact with the man, which is essential to ensure the right mental balance; who already 'owns a dog from our own breeding can' be witnessed as a puppy and 'was raised by us.
Entrusting you to a farm like ours you know the parents of the puppy, and see the environment in which 'grew up, to have information on the characteristics of this wonderful breed and those of the subject that interests you. So you can 'be sure to buy a dog physically and mentally fit, together with all necessary documents.
E 'is also our pleasure to recommend the future of our puppies friend about necessary vaccinations, to the treatment of your dog (feeding and care) and you can count on us for your future reference.

The Dogue de Bordeaux and 'a good-natured mastiff but with a certain temperament that should be handled with poise and firmness. Currently, the race continues to stand out as well as his power for his courage.
Modern breeders, through careful selection, they have reduced the aggressive character required in the past, emphasizing instead the devotion and loyalty ', and it' is derived from a dog calm temperament.
We can then consider the Dogue de Bordeaux a pet dog, but also an excellent guardian character vigilant, brave, without being aggressive, affectionate to his master, affectionate with children.
A dog is not 'a toy and not a passive pet. The dog has a personality 'well-defined, even if you' used to live with the man like no other animal. The dog-man relationship and 'based on reciprocity'. The bond that is established between a specimen of Dogue de Bordeaux and his master-friend goes far beyond mere cohabitation; and 'perfect understanding, mutual understanding, profound. Important prerequisite to everything 'and' not to use their French bulldog only to guard or play with the kids or as a symbol of prestige, but to consider first and foremost a friend without forgetting its being dog and its needs.